If so, please stand while you read on……

My names Juliet and I have a research interest in sedentary behaviour.  Sedentary behaviour is a cluster of behaviour mostly involving sitting or lying and low energy expenditure, so, tv watching, computer use,driving, etc., etc.  In term of METS, below 1.5METS.

Sedentary behaviour is detrimental to health and has been shown to be a major modifiable risk factor for mortality and chronic health problems. Humans may now spend more than 50% of the waking day in a sitting posture.  Breaking patterns in sedentary behaviour may be a key factor in the link between inactivity and metabolic based conditions.

Older adults are the most sedentary segment of the population nationally and in fact worldwide.  Getting this group to become less sedentary would have impact on morbidity and mortality. More importantly, it would likely have considerable effect on quality of life, social inclusion and engagement.  This is why my population of interest is older adults.

Thank you for taking time  to read my post (and hopefully taking a little break from sedentary activity).

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