A brief lowdown for those who have not heard of Sense Cam…..

The key instigators of the Sense Cam aka Vicon Revue (SC) rise to fame have been Steve Hodge, Alan Smeaton, Emma Berry, Charlie Foster, Aiden Docherty, Cathal Gurrin and Paul Kelly.  They have been involved in many projects using the SC.  The SC was largely initially used as a retrospective memory aid in those adults with cognitive decline and conditions, such as dementia.

In recent years, its has been used for a diverse number of purposes, from dieticians following diet habits, to market researchers following the buying behaviour.  In addition, a lot of researchers are using the SC to validate other pieces of equipment.  With the emergence and boom of social networking and life-logging to chart daily activities in picture is becoming a real hit with people. Cathal Gurrin has made a real commitment to this since 2006 by collecting over 8 million images of his day to day life!

My area of research is concerned with reducing sedentary behaviour in older adults.  In my area of interest Jacqueline Kerr has been working with using SC to define sedentary behaviour.   Using a coding protocol she and her team initially used the SC images to define the accuracy of Actigraph accelerometers in the definition of sedentary behaviour and physical activity.  She used a small convenience sample for this and is now working on a larger scale project in older adult will this using only the camera.  She is looking towards automatic recognition of behaviour, so that analysis is less laborious.   Gemma Wilson has been using the SC to discover how pain relates to function in older adults and used the SC in association with the Life Shirt (which defines activity).

To sum up, there is massive potential for the use of SC in the research and clinical environment, as well as for personal use by individuals.