I attended the AHP’s Agents for Change in Health & Social Care on 5th September in Edinburgh.  The conference was based on the National Delivery Plan for Allied Health Professionals published in June 2012, focusing on the period 2012-15.  It was a busy, informative day with lots of really diverse ideas presented.

The proceedings were opened by Chief Health Professions Office for the Scottish Government, Jacqui Lundy.   She gave an overview of the 27actions of the plan.  There was a focus on inter-professional working across the allied professions and between health and social care.   There was also a strong emphasis on the shift of care delivery to the community and domestic setting.  There was encouragement to “think outside the box” to develop new efficient models for care suitable to meet the needs of our population in Scotland, especially the aged/ageing and those with long-term health conditions with consistency across the country.   Key themes I picked out were perhaps empowerment of patients be experts and manage their own conditions, embrace new technology and of course MEASRE WHAT WE ARE DOING!

The plan:


Further Conference Info:

The conference was Live Streamed by Claire Jones @ClaireOT  (twitter name) on # AHPScot hashtag on Twitter, so well worth a look!