Very interesting work from Dr Bauman on sleep and sitting time at ICPAPH. Travis Saunders has produced a great blog including an interview with Dr Bauman, great for those of us that couldn’t make it to the conference 🙂

The work is based on a large scale x-sectional study (NHANES).  Therefore, the study is on relationship rather than causation.  I don’t have the full text, but assume we probably have less sleep than we should at a population level . As far as I know, sleep-wise < 6 hrs detrimental to health, as is > 8/9 hrs, so tweeks to this will maybe have a better outcomes in terms of relationship to health conditions.  Especially, if its coming from our masses of sedentary time.  Dr Bauman also shows positive relationship with light PA.  Can’t wait to read the full paper! 

Here is the blog by Travis Saunders: