Stiff, Sore, Sluggish?

If you sit for long periods in the day, this can lead to stiffness, pain and feelings of low energy. Breaking up your sitting time with short periods of activity at regular intervals in the day can help to reduce these difficulties. Where you start will depend on your current sitting routine. Think about breaking up your sitting periods every 30 to 60 minutes with 3 to 5 minutes of activity. Take time to plan your day, here are a 7 ideas to get you started:

1. Stand up each time you answer the telephone. Perhaps try marching on the spot during your telephone conversations.
2. If you like watching TV, stand, step and stretch at each advert break.
3. Do some activity between book chapters. You might like to reflect on the chapter as you have a little walk around the room.
4. Use prompts to remind you of your goal to change your sitting time. This may be points in your daily routine, such as after meals, or you may wish to set a timer that will go off at set periods of time in the day.
5. Take advantage of the summer weather and take short walks outside frequently in the day.
6. Involve others and tell people what you are doing.
7. A little addition to all knitting patterns:
a. Knit one
b. Pearl one
c. Stand one…


If you feel it is important to change your sitting behaviour, what ideas will you use? What ideas can you come up with?

Start where you are, do what you can, use what you have!