Steps to Successful Aging.2

Physical activity and aging, with a focus on falls, was the order of the enjoyable and highly informative evening of Prof. Dawn Skelton’s inaugural lecture at Glasgow Caledonian University.   In Prof Skelton’s career she has made a massive contribution to her field and it was wonderful to see how her work has evolved from initial lab work into in integration into normal clinical practice, truly inspirational!

Therefore, the evening is difficult to sum up in a short blog!   I think the main message is you are never too old, or too young, to start reducing sedentary behaviour and increasing physical activity in order to have a happier, healthier older age.   To achieve this we are ideally looking to meet the guidelines of 150mins of moderate intensity physical activity per week made up of bouts of activity of at least 10mins, along with strength training and balance training on 2 days of the week…. And reducing sitting time!!  Of course, it was also an honour to have our work cited in Prof. Skelton’s lecture (