walking meeting

Here are a few ideas you may like to try at work.  Make small sustainable changes to your routine and gradually add more as each becomes a habit:

  • Avoid sitting for longer than 20-30 mins (use a prompt e.g. timer)
  • Change posture frequently in the day
  • Stand and stretch or step at your desk
  • Walk at lunchtime
  • Consider walking meetings
  • Stand and step when speaking on the phone
  • Take the stairs
  • Keep hydrated
  • Don’t use the closest toilet (unless you need to!)
  • Get other involved
  • Use active transport where possible

At conferences/events:

  • Communicate to the audience the opportunities to break sitting thought the day as part of the “housekeeping” at the outset
  • Encourage active applause (stand between speakers)
  • Have a standing area, perhaps the back row of the seating
  • Be creative with workshops, include plenty of moving around the room
  • Plan a guided walking group at lunchtime

Good luck!

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